Accelerate the vaccination process within a short time

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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a compelling urgency for governments to maximize the number of vaccinated people within a short period of time.  SEDCO Flow Management solutions help vaccination centers achieve this and more. From virtual queuing and dynamic allocation, to advanced BI dashboards and reports, SEDCO flow management system streamlines your patient journey and ensures effective online appointments so that people book their second dose smoothly.

Virtual queuing for patient flow management - by SEDCO

Virtual Queueing for a Touchless Experience

Manage the capacity of vaccination center more efficiently

Patients can book online appointments in advance to maintain social distancing. They can safely wait outside the center until they receive an SMS reminder about their turn.

Check-in and Registration

People with appointments can check-in by scanning the QR code when arriving to the center. 

Walk-ins with eligible documents can register at the counter to join the virtual queue.

Omni-channel to inform patients about their turn - by SEDCO

Omni-channel to Better Inform, Update and Guide People

Streamline the patient flow. Reduce service and wait times

Keep people informed about the availability status of the vaccination room, recovery room, or emergency room etc.

People can wait outside the center, until they get an SMS about their turn. Alternatively, they can wait in a waiting area that complies with social distancing rules. 

The system call next person for vaccination by: Mobile, digital screens, or audio announcement system.



Color coding to guide patients - by SEDCO

Color Coding Feature

Smart routing of patients to appropriate vaccination sites, halls, and rooms

Seamlessly guide people to the right hall across the huge number of rooms in your vaccination center. 

The system matches the color coding between halls, floor signage, and digital screens to guide people to the right room for a more convenient experience.

Manage The Flow Of Patients Across Your Vaccination Sites, Halls, and Rooms
Dynamic allocation - by SEDCO

Dynamic Allocation

Improve staff utilization

Call the next person to vaccinate by a “Flow Nurse”, who can control the queue on many counters with a simple click on a tablet. The system will notify the nurse whenever any room is sanitized and read.

After vaccination, the system auto-relocates people to the recovery area. The system will then notify the nurse after a specific time to verify people’s health condition and make sure no symptoms appeared before they are discharged.

Omni-channel patient feedback - SEDCO

Omni-Cannel Customer Feedback System

Increase patient satisfaction 

The system analyzes the data and generates dynamic reports and insights to improve the vaccination experience.

You can manage patient feedback centrally for all vaccination centers.

BI to monitor vaccination center - by SEDCO

The Power of BI

Monitor the whole vaccination journey in real-time

The system provides live dashboards and maps to monitor the status of each hall/room/nurse.

It offers live monitoring, SMS alerts, and advanced reporting about:

  • Efficiency per Each Clinic.
  • Peak Hours.
  • Centers, Nurses and Counters Performance.
Create a Seamless Patient Journey At Your Vaccination Center