Auto Fever Detector

Fever Screening for a Safer Customer Journey
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Auto fever detector device by SEDCO

Businesses nowadays are looking for solutions to minimize human interaction and maintain social distancing, in order to provide a safer customer experience. 

SEDCO's auto fever detector will enable you to take protective measures that help maintain a healthier environment for your staff and customer. Before your customers step towards your service counters, the device can check their body temperature automatically and detect visitors with a fever. Customers with high temperature will not be allowed to get a turn.

Auto fever detector device by SEDCO

Measure the customers’ temperatures at a distance, without exposing your staff to the health risks of using a manual temperature gun.

The system automatically reads the customers’ temperature when they stand in front of the device, and instantly generates an alarm when someone with a fever is detected, prompting your staff to take appropriate action and preventing issuing a ticket to the customer.

For healthcare providers, before pre-ticketing stage, to detect patients with a fever using a thermometer that is integrated in the ticketing kiosk. A high priority ticket is issued for patient with fever to enter a hall or red zone where patient case should be examined and treated. 

Benefits of auto fever detector

Eliminate Virus Spread
Eliminate virus spreading
Keep staff safe with SEDCO's auto temperature checking device
Keep people safe through social distancing
Isolate people with fever, with SEDCO's auto temperature checking device
Detect and isolate persons with fever
Easy to integrate the auto fever detector with your queuing kiosk
Easy to integrate with your queuing kiosk
Create a healthy and safe customer Journey