Auto Temperature Checking System

Measure Your Customers Temperature to Maintain a Healthy and Safe Journey
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Good hygiene practices are essential for any business to maintain great customer experience. However, with the recent coronavirus outbreak, it has become mandatory to take extra safety measures.

Businesses dealing with large numbers of people need to protect the health and well-being of their visitors and staff, especially healthcare providers, shopping centers, governmental offices, schools, hotels, and others.

Auto Temperature Checking System (ATC-110)

SEDCO’s ATC-110 is an auto temperature checking system that empowers you to detect people with high temperature at a distance, without disturbing the customers or exposing your staff to the health risks of using a manual temperature gun.

The system automatically reads the customers’ temperature when they stand in front of the device, and instantly generates an alarm when someone with a fever is detected, prompting your staff to take appropriate action.

The system can optionally be integrated with your access gate to deny access for persons with high temperatures.

Auto Temperature Checking device by SEDCO

Main features of the auto fever detection system

  • Measure temperature without any direct human contact.
  • Reads temperature up to a distance of 1 meter away.
  • Measures in C (Celsius Centigrade) and F (Fahrenheit).
  • Temperature range 10 to 42 oC, with accuracy of 0.5 oC.

Benefits of auto temperature checking system

Eliminate Virus Spread
Eliminate virus spread
Maintain social distancing with SEDCO's auto temperature checking system
Detect people without masks
Keep staff safe with SEDCO's auto temperature checking device
Keep staff safe
Isolate people with fever, with SEDCO's auto temperature checking device
Isolate people with fever
Create a healthy and safe customer Journey