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Accelerate Your Business Transformation Journey

Some customers prefer automated services. Others prefer the face-to-face experience. 

SEDCO bridges the gap between people and technology,  with its digital branch transformation solutions, your customers can be guided to a service employee, a video agent, or to a self-service machine. 

No matter what path your customers choose, the smart branch makes it easier to  carry out your business transactions around the clock. 

Whatever your business is, transform to digital branches

Branch Transformation for Banks by SEDCO
Smart Digital Bank
  • Access to bank’s services 24/7 through self-service machines, such as printing new ATM cards, cheques book, bank statement and more.
  • Less space and fewer costs required to operate at a wide scale.
  • Customers can reach service agents via video call anytime, anywhere with virtual service machines.

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Digital Branch Transformation for Telecom SEDCO
Smart Telecom Branch
  • Run your branches with minimal staff, utilizing self-service machines to serve customers 24/7, such as SIM cards dispensing, top up, mobile balance, bill payment,  mobile money, and more.
  • Empower customers to buy physical items by themselves with self-service shops, such as mobile phones, tablets, and more.
  • Customers can reach a remote agent via video call anytime, anywhere with virtual service machines.

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Branch Transformation for Governments by SEDCO
Smart Government
  • Provide services to citizens and visitors 24/7, such as payment services, issuing work permits, verifying identity with biometric modules, capturing signatures, scanning, printing, and depositing supporting documents.
  • Transform into a smart city by empowering citizens to get services anytime anywhere.
  • Manage all premises centrally to improve service quality and deliver better citizen experiences.

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Branch Transformation for Healthcare Centers by SEDCO
Smart Healthcare Center
  • Quickly print medical reports, / prescriptions, and scan supporting medical documents with self-service kiosks.
  • Customers can book their own medical appointments through the kiosks.
  • Biometric scans allow customers to identify themselves.
  • Streamline between walk-in and pre-booked patients.

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Take the leap to digital branch transformation today. It’s easy with SEDCO

Main benefits of smart digital branch

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Reduce customer wait and service time
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Increase customer happiness level
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Ensure a seamless customer journey
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Optimize staff performance and productivity
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Boost your revenue with cross-selling
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Measure performance and drive operational efficiency
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Control branches and queues remotely in real-time
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Easy integration your back-end systems

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