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No doubt that queuing systems are a great solution to reduce waiting in lines and enhance customer experience. However, many businesses with simple IT infrastructure require less hardware and maintenance to align with their tight budgets. This is where cloud-based queue management system comes in.

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With Only a Good Internet Connection from Your Side

SEDCO cloud-based queue system is a cost-effective solution that does not require a dedicated server or hardware in premises to manage queues. Instead, the queue software can be hosted on the cloud.

Your business won't have to worry about having IT people to manage the system, as all software setup, maintenance, and system updates can be done from SEDCO side, which is included in the subscription fees to fit small to medium business budget.

Plan Ahead Your Customer Journey Management Budget

The cloud-based queue system has a simple IT infrastructure, and can be implemented as a software solution only, or it can optionally include hardware (ticketing kiosks or digital screens) based on business requirements.

By using our SaaS subscription model - Software as a Service - SEDCO cloud-based queue management solution will help you to better plan your annual budget for customer journey management. 

The system requires only from your side:

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Internet connection
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Subscription fees
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What happens behind the scenes is a major key for advanced Cloud-based Queue Management?

A smart queue management system is not only about eliminating queues for customers. It should also offer advanced functionalities to better manage branches and enhance performance. SEDCO cloud-based queue system includes dedicated software for both the branch manager and employee counter to monitor and analyze the customer journey data to identify the most important business metrics and trends. 

The system provides live dashboards, data analysis, and rich reports about the performance of branch/ employee, service time per counter, and peak business hours, eventually helping owner/top management to take the right decisions that help to improve operations and provide the best customer experience ever.

How can your business and customers benefit from SEDCO system?

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Looking for a cost-effective solution that can help you control your branch performance and provide an exceptional customer experience? Our Cloud Queuing System can help you achieve this and more. 

Watch the video to discover how Cloud-based Queue Management Solution can enhance your customer experience