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Deliver a differentiating experience anywhere at any time
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Bridge between digital and physical channels to create a great experience between your business and customers without opening up more branches and skyrocketing your operating costs.

SEDCO Self Service Solutions offer an alternative service channel, empowering businesses like banks, telecom operators, governments and retail to accelerate services to their clients, where the customers can perform several self-services by themselves.

The kiosks can rapidly expand your market growth, and at a lower cost. They can be installed in high-traffic areas such as airports and malls. All of them can be custom branded.

Voice enabled self service machine by SEDCO

Transform Your Customer Experience With Interactive Voice-enabled Self-Service Machines

SEDCO’s voice-powered self-service machines help you to take your services to the next level, by empowering your customers to “speak” with the kiosks in a manner similar to face-to-face interaction, removing their confusion, and providing a more pleasant touchless experience. The machines are very easy to use, encouraging customers to try them, even if they generally don’t like to use machines.

Furthermore, the voice command feature in SEDCO’s self-service machines can work offline without an internet connection, making it easy to install and run this feature on the machines. 

Customized Self Service Solutions to Satisfy Both Customer and Business Needs

Our Business
Business Needs
  • Reduce cost per transaction by reducing employee and overhead cost
  • Optimal utilization of resources
  • Boost revenue and market share
  • Flexibility to deploy and relocate the machines
Customer feedback system - SEDCO
Customer Needs
  • Physical items dispensing 
  • Availability of services at anytime
  • Less waiting time and effort
  • Convenient customer journey
CxBuilder for self service solutions by SEDCO

SEDCO Enterprise Self Service Solution

SEDCO’s self-service solutions are built using innovative technologies at the software  level. SEDCO CxBuilder is developed in-house as part of an enterprise self-service software, enabling easy and fast building of self-service solutions. 

CxBuilder empowers building kiosk application with minimal effort without an engineer:

  • User-friendly screen templates
  • Design workflows with simple drag-and-drop features
  • Integrate with your back-end system


Power of BI: SEDCO self-service solutions provide live dashboards and maps to monitor the status of each Self Service Machine

Icon - Kiosk Visits Detailed Report
Kiosk Visits Detailed Report
Icon - Transactions Details Report
Transactions Details Report
Icon - Card Payments Transactions Report
Card Payments Transactions Report
Icon 4 - Current inventory details report
Current Inventory Details Report
BI_icons_Customer Transactions Logs
Customer Transactions Logs
BI_icons_Transactions Statistics
Transactions Statistics
BI_icons_Transactions Trend
Transactions Trend
Icon 5 - Revenues growth analysis
Revenues Growth Analysis

Main benefits of Self Service Solutions

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Reduce customer wait and service time
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Increase customer happiness level
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Ensure a seamless customer journey
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Optimize staff performance and productivity
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Boost your revenue with cross-selling
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Measure performance and drive operational efficiency
Service Availability 24/7.. Less Staff.. Convenient Journey

One stop shop solution for comprehensive branch transformation to reduce branch footprint, act as a bridge between digital and physical channels, and deliver a differentiating experience anywhere at any time. Check about other SEDCO branch transformation solutions:

Your Service 24/7.. Convenient Customer Journey.. Less Opex