Virtual Queuing Solutions

Streamline the customer journey with a great touchless experience
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Empower customers to book appointments before heading to your branch. Send them SMS reminders about their turn while they wait safely outside your branch. Offer touchless check-in, by empowering customers to scan a QR code using their smartphones upon arrival to your branch. It's all possible with Virtual Queuing. 

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Mobile Appointment Booking

Empower your customers to book and plan their visit in advance to avoid a crowded waiting room. Control the number of customers served per counter in the branch to reduce human interaction. It's all possible with Mobile Appointment Booking. Your customers can book appointments in advance through CEM queue mobile app or web. 

With mobile appointment booking, you can control your branch capacity by limiting the number of customers allowed to enter the branch. 


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SMS notifications

Manage queues and reduce the number of customers waiting in your branch. With SMS notification, no need for your customers to wait for their turn inside the branch and get exposed to any health risks.

Customers can wait safely outside the branch or in their cars. The system will send them an SMS notification when their turn approaches, prompting them to go to the branch to get the service. This way your customers can avoid waiting in crowded branches, and they will experience a much safer journey. 

QR scanning for virtual queuing by SEDCO

Provide a touchless customer experience

Empower walk-in customers to join the queue once they arrive to your branch, by scanning a QR code that is fixed outside the branch or on the kiosk. A list of all your services will instantly appear on your customers' mobile phones, enabling them to select the service they want and check-in though their mobiles. 

Customer Feedback System by SEDCO Mobile App

Customer feedback

Empower customers to leave their feedback about your service by using their mobile phones. With mobile feedback, your customers can use their mobile phones to send their feedback, keeping you informed about their opinions in order to enhance your services. 

Reduce human interaction and provide a safer customer experience.

Main benefits

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Reduce customer wait and service time
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Increase customer happiness level
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Ensure a seamless customer journey
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Optimize staff performance and productivity
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Boost your revenue with cross-selling
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Measure performance and drive operational efficiency
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Control branches and queues remotely in real-time