Self-Service Kiosk
SEDCO self-service machine CONSULTA 130

Slim, Convenient, and Easily Configurable

CONSULTA® 130 is a self-service kiosk with video conferencing facility that enables the customer to communicate with a backend agent.

The smart self-service machine is used by the customer while being seated, which adds more convenience for customers especially for transactions that take time.

Furthermore, CONSULTA® 130 provides equal access for people in wheelchairs. The slim, convenient, and easily configurable kiosk offers a broad number of services based on the business sector.

CONSULTA® 130 can be used as a part of digital branch transformation in various sectors, including banks, telecom, and other sectors.

WxDxH = 87.6x90x180

CONSULTA® 130 self-service kiosk offers different types of services based on the business sector


Empower your customers to get many of your banking services by themselves 24/7 while enabling them to start a video call with a remote employee for assistance and identity verification if necessary. This includes:

  • ATM card issuance
  • Cheque deposit
  • Instant cheque leaf printing
  • Account statement printing
  • Card renewal
  • Applying for loans
  • Transferring funds

Accelerate your telecom services and empower customers to run a video conference with a remote employee for assistance and identity verification if necessary. This includes: 

  • SIM card issuance/ replacement
  • Bill payment
  • Top up
  • Account management
  • Mobile money (cash in / out)
Run virtual counters and empower customers to start a video call with your remote agents while having convenient access to your multiple services 24/7

CONSULTA® 130 self-service kiosk offers the following functions

Receipt printing - icon
Receipt printing
Cash payments - icon
Cash payments
Card printing-dispensing - icon
Card printing/ dispensing
Cheque printing-deposit - icon
Cheque leaf printing/ deposit
KYC customer identification - icon
KYC customer identification
Digital Screen - icon
Digital screen
Power Management-UPS - icon
Power management/ UPS