Self-Service Kiosk
SEDCO self-service machine FASTSERV 720W

Complete, for Maximized Services

FASTSERV® 720W is a comprehensive self-service kiosk with a wide design, allowing it to accept different types of hardware components to provide a variety of functions including customer identification, cash payment, coin payment, card payment, card issuance, and documents scanning/ printing.

The Kiosk is easily configurable and can offer a big number of services based on the business sector. It can be used as a part of digital branch transformation in various sectors, including banks, telecom, governments, and many other businesses.

WxDxH = 80x70x150

FASTSERV® 720W self-service kiosk can offer different types of services based on the business sector


Cheque printing Kiosk for Banks

Empower your customers to issue banking cards, print cheques, and get many of your banking services on the spot with SEDCO's multifunction self-service machines. This includes:

  • ATM cards issuance
  • Cheque deposit
  • Instant cheque printing
  • Account statement printing
  • Card renewal
  • Applying for loans
  • Transferring funds
  • Customer feedback

Accelerate SIM card issuance up to 10 times and automate many other telecom services while reducing TCO, eliminating queues, and providing a great customer experience with SEDCO's SIM dispensing kiosks – available 24/7, anywhere. The kiosk allows your customers to get many telecom services, including: 

  • SIM cards issuance/ replacement
  • Bill payment
  • Top up
  • Account management
  • Mobile money (cash in / out)
  • Customer feedback

Card Issuance Kiosk for Governments

Allow your customers to instantly issue citizen ID cards, driving/ vehicle licenses, and many other governmental documents with SEDCO's highly secure self-service machines to prevent document fraud. The machines empower citizens to get many governmental services by themselves 24/7, including: 

  • Card issuance
  • Bill payment
  • Print receipts
  • Citizen feedback

Payment Kiosk for Utilities

Empower your customers to pay utility bills quickly and securely using cash, cheque and card 24/7. Customers will immediately get their receipt printed to confirm that their payment was received. The payment kiosks offer many services to customers, including: 

  • Bill payment
  • Top up
  • Print receipts
  • Account management
  • Customer feedback
Looking for a comprehensive self-service solution to offer a one stop shop for your customers 24/7?

FASTSERV® 720W self-service kiosk offers the following functions

Receipt printing - icon
Receipt printing
Cash-coin-card payments icon
Cash/ coin/ card payments
Card printing-dispensing - icon
Card printing/ dispensing
Cheque printing-deposit - icon
Cheque leaf printing/ deposit
KYC customer identification - icon
KYC customer identification
Digital Screen - icon
Digital Screen
Power Management-UPS - icon
Power Management /UPS
Other accessories - icon
Other accessories
Achieve Digital Branch Transformation with SEDCO’s Multifunction Self-Service Kiosks