CEM Mobile

Create a safer customer journey during the pandemic and beyond

No More Queues - Streamline the Customer Journey and Maintain Social Distancing with CEM Mobile 

No more over-populated branches or long queues!  CEM Mobile enables your customers to get an e-ticket directly from the mobile app, providing a safer and a more hygienic customer journey. Your customers can plan their visit in advance, book appointments, get e-tickets and join virtual queues, keeping both customers and staff safe. 


Start your customer’s journey in the palm of their hands
Billion mobile users in the world
Of people have smartphones in developed countries
Of customers think brands are providing positive mobile experiences, which means there is room for improvement
Eliminate queues and maintain social distancing with SEDCO
Virtual Queuing by SEDCO - FR

Provide a safer customer experience with our user-friendly mobile solution

CEM Mobile by SEDCO empowers your business to provide a more convenient and safer customer journey - and achieve digital transformation.

User friendly and available to all! Reach your customers wherever they are with the power of technology.

  • Virtual queuing to minimize human interaction
  • Distribute e-tickets to reduce paperwork
  • Streamline the customer journey and make the customer experience as smooth as possible
  • Keep your customers updated with your latest products and services through targeted advertising
  • Share health tips through the mobile app to protect your customers
Mobile Queuing App by SEDCO - FR

Virtual Queuing System - Anytime, Anywhere

A successful customer journey begins before your customers reach your branch!

Empower your customers to book appointments wherever they are. Send them reminders that their turn is approaching via a Mobile app or SMS. Your customers can wait inside or outside the branch, or in their own cars, therefore creating a safer customer experience. 

Perfect for small branches in dynamic locations like malls and airports.

With CEM Mobile, your customers can:

  • Find the nearest branch or self-service point with the location service

  • Book appointments instantly from anywhere - The ultimate convenience

  • See a complete list of your services (to avoid lengthy questions with your phone reps)

  • Get an e-ticket without having to step foot in your branch

  • Schedule appointments and receive reminders to avoid crowded waiting rooms

  • Access wait time status so they can plan their time accordingly


Mobile Marketing for Queue System by SEDCO

Boost Brand Recognition and Sales with Mobile Marketing

CEM Mobile empowers you to display targeted promotional content about your products & services while your customers book their appointments.

Our smart CEM Mobile application seamlessly integrates with the Omni- channel marketing solution

  • Increase brand recognition by educating your customers about relevant offers

  • Reach your customers anywhere, at anytime

  • Trigger purchase intent by displaying the targeted and compelling promotional content

  • Keep customers engaged with your brand and create a positive experience

Mobile Feedback System by SEDCO

Get Instant Feedback to Continually Improve Your Service

Find out your customers’ reviews in order to improve your services instantly - without exposing your customers to any health risks. 

As CEM Mobile is integrated into SEDCO’s Omni- Channel feedback solution, receiving instant feedback is part of the package wherever your customers are.

Each customer feedback is linked to the transaction, employee, and branch, making SEDCO’s CEM Mobile the most accurate and cost-effective way to receive and analyze customer feedback. The mobile app is integrated with an advanced business intelligence system, offering deep insights about your organization’s strengths and weaknesses in order to boost your business performance. 

  • Customers are notified via Mobile app or SMS that their turn is close, giving them time to head towards your branch.

  • Feedback is easy to submit, to ensure customers complete the evaluation

  •  Follow up with unsatisfied customers instantly to provide the A+ service you are known for.

Mobile Queuing System by SEDCO

Stop Wasting Money on Printed Queue Tickets

Why print out queue tickets when the majority of your customers are using mobile?

  • Cut costs by issuing virtual tickets

  • Avoid customer frustration from lost tickets

  • Improve your brand’s public image by going Green

Main benefits of CEM Mobile

Streamline the customer flow across various branches
Streamline the customer flow across various branches
Easy to integrate with existing enterprise mobile app
Easy to integrate with existing enterprise mobile app
Reduce customer wait and service time
Reduce customer wait and service time
Boost brand recognition and sales with mobile marketing
Boost brand recognition and sales with mobile marketing
Increase customer engagement by showing relevant content
Increase customer engagement by showing relevant content
Ensure a seamless journey with happy customers
Ensure a seamless journey with happy customers
Get instant customer feedback to increase efficiency
Get instant customer feedback to increase efficiency
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Boost your alternative channels, by offering appointment booking through mobile app
Comply with branch occupancy, by controlling the number of customers served per counter

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