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Customer Satisfaction Meter for More Insightful

Customer satisfaction can make or break your business. How will you know what your customers think of your business, and what to enhance?   

SEDCO’s omni-channel customer feedback system enables you to collect feedback from all your channels to ensure your customers are happy, resulting in a positive ‘word of mouth’ and a better brand image. 

The smart customer feedback system is easy to integrate with any business backend system to ensure you have the customer satisfaction data you need across all touchpoints.

Customer satisfaction is key to success
Of companies measure customer engagement, but choose not to analyze data to improve their customer experiences.
Of customers view brands positively if such brands proactively invite and accept customer feedback
Of customer churn can be prevented if the issues are resolved with customers at a fast pace.
Empower your business with valuable customer satisfaction data with customer feedback solutions

Easy for the customer, invaluable for your business

SEDCO’s Omni-Channel customer feedback solution measures customers’ emotions and views on your business - Across all touchpoints throughout their journey. 

The visitor feedback system enables you to get feedback at various levels in your business to ensure you’re fully aware of the situation - For your branch, employee, or your service.

Each feedback is linked to the customer’s transaction and other related information, such as  service details, employee name(s), or waiting time – To help identify the cause of dissatisfaction and follow-up with your customers instantly.

Smart customer feedback channels

Touchscreen Patient Feedback System by SEDCO
Touchscreen feedback panels

Instant customer feedback in your branch

Self Service  Kiosk by SEDCO
Self Service Kiosk

Easy customer feedback inside or outside your branch

Mobile Feedback System by SEDCO
Mobile App

Cost-effective channel for a touchless customer experience

SMS Feedback System by SEDCO
SMS Messages

Reliable channel to get feedback even from new visitors who don’t have your app.

Customer Feedback via Website for Queue Management System by SEDCO

Omni-channel customer feedback anywhere at anytime.

Measure your customer satisfaction

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The system supports different types of questions, which fully measure customer satisfaction the following include:

Multiple Choice
Multiple Choice
Customer Feedback System via smart phone by SEDCO

Get customer feedback through the mobile app to keep your customers safe during the pandemic and beyond

With COVID-19 crisis, businesses need to take more protective measures to protect their customers and staff. Empower your customers to submit their feedback via mobile app. Get insights about your business while protecting your customers from potential health risks.

Customer feedback system - SEDCO

Advanced reporting makes it easy to make insightful business decisions

After extracting customer feedback, the system analyzes the data and generates dynamic reports to help businesses make strategic decisions and create an improved customer experience. That’s how you empower your business to become a customer journey hero.

The system manages customer feedback centrally for all branches. It offers you all the insights you need to increase customer satisfaction.

Key Benefits of SEDCO Customer Feedback System

Instant corrective action, to turn negative feedback to a positive one
Increase customer loyalty
Improve business performance
Central management
Insightful decisions
Better customer experience

Take the leap to smart branches with Omni-Channel Customer Feedback System

If you are looking to measure, analyze and gain dynamic reports at various levels for any time in your customer journey to get the complete story, SEDCO is the right partner.

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