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Inform, Educate, and Entertain your Customers
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Deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time

Every stage of your customer’s journey is a golden opportunity to engage with them - and trigger new purchase intentions. SEDCO’s Digital Signage system empowers your business with the intelligent solution you need to create that connection.

Digital signage does more than organize your queues
Effectiveness of targeted promotions compared to generic promotions
Of customers who saw a digital signage promotion recall the special message
Conversion rate of digital signage ads compared to static promotions
Of businesses see a boost in sales when implementing digital signage
Boost your brand image and sales with digital signage
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Every Waiting Second of Your Customer’s Time Counts

Don’t waste your customers’ time by showing them irrelevant promotions. SEDCO’s smart Digital Signage system displays relevant and dynamic content based on your customers’ profiles.

The centralized digital signage software identifies the audience in the waiting area and displays targeted ads to them based on their interests, segments, and transaction history. Keep customers engaged while boosting purchase intent. Your customers will thank you for it - and you’ll increase your ROI.

Nurture customer happiness with a pleasant experience
  1. Update your customers with queuing information on screens to eliminate frustrations
  2. Reduce perceived waiting time thanks to targeted content that improves the customer journey
  3. As the customers look at the screens to know when their turn is, you can boost your sales by displaying promotional content
Central management of digital signage

Reduce costs of operations with centralized management

  • Keep an eye on everything from one head office for easy management, without affecting the network load
  • Easily schedule and update content on your screens to any branch from your central management

Key Benefits of SEDCO Digital Signage

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Trigger purchase intent by displaying targeted promotional content
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Reduce perceived wait time
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Go green and cut the costs of printed ads
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Generate extra business revenue
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Maximize your Omni-Channel marketing strategy
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Monitor and control the screens centrally
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Display real-time queue information
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Deliver great customer experience
Take the leap to smart branches with innovative digital signage

If you are looking for smart corporate digital signage solutions combined with the top quality displays, signage player and software to gain the best performance and customer experience, SEDCO is the right partner. Contact us today.