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Availability of services anywhere anytime at fraction of the cost
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Extend business hours to 24/7 with SEDCO self-service kiosks series

Achieve business excellence with minimal staff and at a lower cost. SEDCO’s self- service kiosks transform your service experience towards a better customer journey and more efficient performance with less operational expenses.

SEDCO Self Service Solutions offer an alternative service channel, empowering businesses like banks, telecom operators, governments and retail to accelerate services to their clients, where the customers can perform several self-services by themselves.

Powered with a voice command feature, SEDCO’s voice interactive self-service machines allow customers to interact by voice with the kiosks, empowering them to “speak” with the machine in a manner similar to face-to-face interaction, removing confusion, and providing a more pleasant touchless experience.

SEDCO Self Service Kiosks are flexible to support different business needs:

Transform to smart digital branches with SEDCO self-service machines

SEDCO self-service kiosks come in two  series: FASTSERV® and CONSULTA®, enabling businesses to choose the machines based on the service type, branch side, and budget.

The self-service machines expand your business hours and services at peak performance without expanding the staff. Your customers get the services by themselves without any help from a desk employee. This noticeably decreases your employees’ workload while providing more convenience to customers.

Powered with BI, the system offers in-depth reports about each kiosk performance, revenue per transaction, regions/locations with highest average duration, and many more reports. Moreover, the kiosk displays targeted ads to customers based on their interests and profiles.  

FASTSERV® self-service kiosk series comes in different models

FASTSERV® Kiosks Series is suitable for quick services that do not require seating. It provides services such as issuance/ renewal of cards, deposit, and printing. 

CONSULTA® self-service kiosk series comes in different models

CONSULTA® Kiosks Series is suitable for services that require time. Customers can be seated while they get your services, including long-time services such as opening a new accounts. 

Your Service 24/7. No more queue. Happy Customer

Your services are available to customers anytime, anywhere, and require less time and effort. That’s convenience in a nutshell.

And the best part? Your customers will love it.

Power of BI: SEDCO self-service solutions provide live dashboards and maps to monitor the status of each Self Service Machine

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Kiosk Visits Detailed Report
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Transactions Details Report
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Card Payments Transactions Report
Icon 4 - Current inventory details report
Current Inventory Details Report
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Customer Transactions Logs
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Transactions Statistics
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Transactions Trend
Icon 5 - Revenues growth analysis
Revenues Growth Analysis

Success Stories

SEDCO self-service kiosks for Jordan Islamic Bank
Jordan Islamic Bank Launches its First Digital Branch by Implementing SEDCO's Self Service Solutions

Jordan Islamic Bank (JIB) was established in 1978 to provide banking, financial, and investment services in compliance with the Islamic

Mobily self service kiosk by SEDCO
Etihad Etisalat Company (Mobily) adopts SEDCO’s self-service kiosks

Etihad Etisalat Co. (Mobily) is a leading Saudi Telecommunications company with a total equity of SAR 13.8 billion as of

Service Availability 24/7.. Less Staff.. Convenient Journey

One stop shop solution for comprehensive branch transformation to reduce branch footprint, act as a bridge between digital and physical channels, and deliver a differentiating experience anywhere at any time. Check about other SEDCO branch transformation solutions: