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Scent and Temperature Control

Scent and Temperature Control

The store atmosphere has a huge impact on the customers’ purchase intention and the overall customer experience. A pleasant atmosphere creates positive feelings among customers, making them happy while enhancing your brand image. SEDCO’s CEM platform controls the atmosphere inside your branches to ensure that your customers have an exceptional experience. Enabled by smart IoT (Internet of things) device, CEM platform automatically monitors the scent, temperature, and humidity to create a relaxing atmosphere, which triggers customers’ sentiments, increases their buying intention, and makes them happy whenever they interact with your business.


The Scent dispensers function only during the working hours, preventing unnecessary usage. Various pleasant scents can be emitted. The frequency is also automatically adjusted based on the number of people inside the branch. The temperature control reads the temperature inside the branches. When the temperature/ humidity exceeds a certain limit, the system automatically sends an alert to adjust it.



Key Benefits of Scent and Temperature Control


  • Full control of scent and temperature through IoT device.
  • Scent, temperature, and humidity are centrally managed from HQ.
  • Change the scent type during the day to suit the customers’ mood.
  • Prevent waste of scents, by emitting only during working hours.
  • Adjustable control based on number of customers to ensure a refreshing air.
  • Increase the purchase intention.
  • Positive word of mouth about the pleasant experience.
  • Encourage customers to revisit your branch.





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