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Smart Digital Branch (Banks)

Smart Digital Branch (Banks)


Some customers prefer automated services, while others prefer face-to-face experience. Understaing this, SEDCO helps you to deliver an omni-channel experience across your customers' physical journeys, where they can be guided to a human teller, a video teller, an ATM, or to a self-service machine.


Transform your classical banks to smart digital branches to cut down on branch cost and size while extending your service 24/7.










Self Service Machines: Automate Beyond Cash Transactions





Empower customers to serve themselves for non-cash transactions anytime:


  • Open new account
  • Apply for a loan
  • Issue and print cards instantly
  • Print cheques and cheque books instantly
  • Inquire about account balance
  • Print out account statements
  • Safely transfer funds
  • Easily deposit cheques











Virtual Service Machine: Great Customer Experience with Video Banking Machine 



ATMs provide automation for cash transactions, but when it comes to non-cash banking service, ATMS are much more expensive to deploy, operate, and integrate with the backend system.


Video Teller Machine (a kiosk +) is the Solution

SEDCO’s Virtual Service Machine offers the same non-cash transaction services as the self-service kiosk, with the ability to get a real human interaction whenever needed.


  • Run virtual counters operated by remote tellers.
  • Reduce bank traffic.
  • Optimize utilization of the bank resources
  • Downsize the  branch size /cost
  • Reduce cost per transaction by reducing employee and overhead cost
  • The bank team fully controls the machine from any branch






24/7 Self Service solutions with a human touch

  • Give expert validation and support to customers 24/7
  • Facilitating complex transitions beyond the working hours
  • Convenient access to the banking services with more privacy
  • Great customer journey with less queuing time



Best location to install the Virtual Service Machines:

  • In dynamic locations to provide convenient support to customers from anywhere, like malls, airports, subways, etc...
  • In remote areas and villages where it is unfeasible for banks to open full branches in such areas.










Take the leap to Digital Branch Transformation today. It’s easy with SEDCO’s Smart Digital Branch solutions. Check out the future of banking video:                    





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