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Smart Digital Branches: The Future of Banking Industry

Smart Digital Branches: The Future of Banking Industry

The recent changes in the finance sector add more pressure to the banks on how to eliminate the operational costs while offering the best customer experience. Is it about shutting down the banks’ branches, adopting online banking, or self-service solutions?


Think Smart Digital Branch and Beyond

Transforming the banks’ classical branches to digital ones with less operating expenses while extending services beyond the working hours is a smart solution. Customers can make transactions anytime with self-service machines such as opening new accounts, applying for loans, instant cheque issuing, instant card issuing, and account statement printing.


Great but what is next?


Video Banking is The Future!

Video banking is a huge step towards a convenient customer journey, aiming at performing banking transactions while getting assistance from professional banking consultations via a remote video connection.         


Why SEDCO’s Virtual Service Machine?

The customer's queries regarding any transaction can be solved by SEDCO's machine. It provides the guidance of bank’s employees remotely through video chatting. These machines extend live teller assistance hours and reduce in-branch traffic.


Flexible hours

With the video banking, the customers experience 24/7 services, before and after traditional banking hours. For instance, the machine will issue for you a new ATM card even if you lose it on a Saturday.


VSMs vs ATMs

Because of lower development, deployment, and maintenance costs, SEDCO’s Virtual Service Machines (VSMs) overpower the multi-functional ATMs. Banks’ reach increases in the marketplace with machine's ability to get installed in high traffic locations.


Banking queries answered 24/7

With the help of video teller, customers can get remote assistance for complex transactions. For instance, the customer queries regarding the loan form is even solved at late night through a video conference with the bank’s teller, he/she gets the required assistance remotely.


Banking on fingertips

With video banking, the customer can easily connect to the bank through the machine anytime. So, if your customer is out of cheques in the middle of the night, he/she can easily issue printed cheques from the machine.


All in all, SEDCO’s CEM platform transforms your classical branches to smart digital ones and beyond. Contact us at marketing@sedco.co to experience the future.


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