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Social Media Insights

Social Media Insights
Social Media Insights - SEDCO


Businesses like to understand what gains or pains their customers have while being served at any touchpoint through the customer journey, in order to enhance the service quality and retain customers. Some feedback can be gathered directly, but nowadays people might comment or complain indirectly through different social media channels. 


SEDCO’s comprehensive Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions track social comments about your brand through its Social Media Insights System. Our solutions help you identify your customers’ sentiments, in order to offer an exceptional customer experience and keep your customers happy.



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Our Social Media Insights solution monitors your customers’ feedback through all social media channels including (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and others), which helps you identify your customers' sentiments in order to offer an exceptional customer experience and keep your customers happy.


Potential customers investigate through social networks for opinions and recommendations about your brand; a healthy feedback encourages them to proceed and try your brand. You can also track and monitor customers’ reviews about your competitors, and hence be ahead of the competition.


The solution helps you follow up closely with your customers to ensure a positive feedback, thus attracting more customers to your brand.



Why Social Media Insights?


  • Measure your customer feedback on social networks.
  • Respond immediately to any feedback by taking the right action.
  • Prevent the spread of negative word of mouth.
  • Maintain a strong brand image.
  • Monitor opinions and reviews about your competitors.
  • Identify key influencers related to your business .




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