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Why going green is good for your business

Why going green is good for your business

Keeping your business as green as possible brings tremendous benefits to our Mother Nature by sustaining its precious resources, alongside with generating great advantages to your business, such as reducing operational/marketing costs and enhancing your brand image. What’s best, you can integrate eco-friendly practices to the core of your customer experience, in order to provide a convenient customer journey while protecting nature.


Preserving nature is the most important reason for businesses to become green. The state of our planet affects all forms of life.  By sustaining natural resources such as forests and water, we sustain our future. At the same time preventing the waste of business resources such as electricity, you not only reduce the harmful gasses emitted into the environment which are causing global warming, but you also decrease your business costs.


Many customers are making a conscious decision to do business with organizations that are interested in keeping our planet green. By showing a genuine concern for the environment, you attract new customers and boost customer loyalty, which helps in building brand image. At the same time, you will make a leap forward and position yourself as a leader in your industry who is not just concerned with profit, but rather more interested in the welfare of our planet.


So how can you make your business green?


Business working hours are usually only 25-40% of the weekly hours. With SEDCO’s Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions, you can save on electricity via our smart counter LCD screens which automatically turn off beyond the working hours. This way you reduce energy consumption, trim unnecessary expenses, and extend the virtual life of the screens simultaneously.


Saving trees is crucial to protect the Earth from deforestation. Our solutions allow your business to go completely paperless in various ways. Instead of the ordinary paper queue tickets, surveys/ complaint forms, printed advertisements and brochures, the system replaces all this with e-tickets, electronic feedback channels, and dynamic content that is displayed on the system’s digital screens and mobile, which eliminates the need to cut more trees, all the while decreasing the budget spent on printouts and your marketing expenses.


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