Seamless Patient Journey with Lower Anxiety and Less Waiting Time
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Take patient care to a new level with a smart digital healthcare facility

For patients, a positive, smooth, and comfortable experience is everything.

SEDCO’s comprehensive Patient Experience Management (PEM) solutions can transform your healthcare facility to provide a stress-free and convenient journey for all your patients.

Whether you are a hospital, lab, clinic, pharmacy, or any other healthcare facility, SEDCO’s PEM solutions, including smart queue system, digital signage, customer feedback system, self-service kiosks, and business intelligence, can improve your patient care journey and deliver cost-effective experience.

Of mistakes in the healthcare industry are administrative
Of patients would switch health care providers if they could book appointments quickly
Of patients would switch health care providers for great customer service
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Keep your patients comfortable while protecting their privacy with smart queue system

SEDCO’s queue management system can be integrated with your "HIS" platform to streamline the patient journeys with less anxiety and waiting time. Your staff can focus on providing quality care while your patients can

  • Self-check-in via the ticketing kiosk by:
    • Swiping cards
    • Entering numbers
    • Using biometric verification
  • Get a ticket to move among different care points and facilities.
  • Enjoy more privacy: with SEDCO, a simple number-calling system can alert and identify patients.
  • The system streamlines between pre-booked and walk-in patients for a hassle-free patient flow.
  • Alert about patient turn via counter displays, digital signage, and mobile app.

Keep patients informed and educated with Smart Digital Signage

Make the most out of every patient visit. With SEDCO’s Digital Signage, you can show your patients relevant content that reduces perceived wait time while informing them about your latest updates.

  • Educate patients with medical information
  • Inform patients with the queue information
  • Help patients find directions to a clinic, radiology room, or any other facility
  • Display the doctor information on high-resolution LCD screen at each clinic
  • Promote your latest medical services on digital screens
  • Easily manage, schedule, and update content on the screens from your management office.

Provide 24/7 patient care with Self-Service Kiosks

Empower patients to serve themselves with self-service kiosks for a better experience while you have full control over the machines.

What you gain

  • Easy access to services with different kiosk sizes to fit limited space.
  • All machines are connected to a central command and control room.
  • Easily reallocate self-service machines.

What patients gain

  • Book appointments with medical services/doctors at their convenience.
  • View and print medical reports and prescriptions anytime.
  • Give feedback instantly after the treatment.


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Gain and analyze patient feedback for more insightful decisions

Get a true picture of what people really think of your staff, healthcare center, and service delivery. Become highly efficient at saving and improving lives, deliver a seamless patient experience, and ensure value-based care with SEDCO patient feedback system:

  • Obtain feedback at every level of the journey and access dynamic reports.
  • Omni-channel patient feedback via mobile app, feedback device, or self-service kiosk.
  • Gain full insights to speed up the processes and optimize operational efficiency.
  • Improve outpatient flow management.

Plan for a better healthcare future with Business Intelligence for patient flow management

Be in control of all your healthcare facilities and self-service machines from your central healthcare office, and gain the right insights to deliver a great patient journey. SEDCO’s business intelligence platform is integrated at every touchpoint to make sure you collect all the data you need to make the right decisions.

  • Real-time monitoring of your medical center’s performance via dashboards.
  • Monitor and control the digital screens and patient feedback system centrally.
  • Generate strategic reports to analyze the past and plan the future.
  • Use any device to access your dashboards - desktop, tablet, mobile, and laptops.

Key Benefits of PEM Solution

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Easy integration with HIS
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Stress-free patient journey
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Streamline between pre-booked & walk-in patients
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Reduce patient wait time
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Real-time monitoring and dashboards
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Better staff utilization
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Score high on patient satisfaction
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Increase service efficiency

Join the digital transformation today with SEDCO

With SEDCO's PEM, provide your patients with the experience they deserve while empowering yourself with full control of your healthcare operations. 

Our system is easy to integrate with your back-end system, as well as any third party system, to create a smooth experience for you and your patients.

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