What is a citizen feedback system and how can it improve citizen experience?


According to a 2019 report by McKinsey, government organizations that invest in improving the citizen experience will achieve better critical outcomes across multiple priorities. As per the report, improving the citizen journey can allow government organizations to increase customer trust, make more informed decisions, and do effective damage control to ensure citizen happiness and maintain government organizations’ security and stability. One way to provide a better citizen journey is by installing a powerful citizen feedback system.

Read on as we discuss how a business-intelligent citizen feedback system can transform your citizen journey and help you increase citizen satisfaction.

citizen feedback system by SEDCO

How Can a Customer Feedback System Improve the Citizen Experience?

A citizen feedback system allows you to utilize digital tools to gather feedback on your services and the performance of your staff.  It generates reports carrying insights on customer experience and enables central management of citizen feedback gathered from all branches.

Let’s take a look at how these features can enhance the citizen journey:

Follow Up with Unhappy Citizens

According to the report by McKinsey, unhappy citizens are 2 times more likely to express their dissatisfaction on public platforms. A citizen feedback system can help reduce such instances as it sends you an automated notification if a customer provides negative feedback, allowing you to follow up instantly and resolve any potential problems they faced.

Make More Strategic Decisions to Improve Services

Perhaps the most useful feature of a citizen feedback system is its ability to analyze and generate reports on the type of feedback provided. This provides you with a deeper understanding of how citizens perceive your staff and services.

You can use this information to make better decisions and figure out the best way to take the organization forward.

You also get to see how feedback differs across different branches and service points. This can allow you to pinpoint improvement areas more accurately and use your resources accordingly to improve the citizen experience.

Increase Customer Trust

Having a citizen feedback system in place will help citizens feel heard and acknowledged. Since you are using their feedback to actively improve your services, they will be more satisfied with their interactions with your organization. As the experts at McKinsey point out, satisfied customers are 9 times more likely to trust a government organization and use their services again.

How Can SEDCO Citizen Feedback Solution Help Improve the Organization’s Performance?

SEDCO has developed an omni-channel citizen feedback system that allows government organizations to collect citizen feedback from various channels in order to realize the organization’s goals much more easily. The system incorporates channels such as mobile feedback, touchscreen feedback panels, kiosks panels, SMS feedback, and website.

Our citizen feedback system helps government agencies deliver high-quality services and live up to their mission statement. It can also streamline employee performance and enable continuous improvement. Powered with an advanced BI system, it provides all the necessary insights to deliver a better citizen experience.

Get Deep Insights with the Power of Business Intelligence

A business-intelligent citizen feedback system isn’t just limited to gathering information about their experience with your organization. It can also help you measure citizen satisfaction and get deep insights through advanced reports and analytics to help improve the customer experience. SEDCO’s Citizen Feedback solution delivers a number of advanced reports and statistics to government agencies to help them measure and enhance performance, including:

  • Customer Transaction Statistics: It shows information about the transactions carried out by citizens.
  • Performance Summary: It shows employee performance, branch performance, etc.
  • Top Performance Report: It helps you to identify your top-performing employees and pinpoint their strengths.
  • Customer Transactions Trend: It shows the most common transactions carried out by citizens, helping you identify your most-used and least-used services.
  • Branch Utilization: It shows the utilization rate of your branches and can help you make subsequent decisions to manage branches operating beyond their capacity and increasing footfall in branches that receive fewer customers.
  • Employee Utilization Rate: It allows you to identify how much of an employee’s time is used in a productive manner.
  • Counters Utilization: It shows which counters are utilized the most and vice versa and helps you manage traffic by re-allocating services on counters.
  • Detailed Customers Surveys Statistics: It helps you to evaluate customer responses and identify the strengths and weaknesses of a branch and its staff members.


Why SEDCO Citizen Feedback Solution?

SEDCO is a leader in digital branch transformation, providing government agencies with comprehensive branch transformation technologies that can cover each aspect of the customer journey. We develop queue management systems, digital signage, self-service solutions, and omni-channel customer feedback systems that help government agencies elevate their performance and meet citizen expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our business-intelligent citizen feedback system.