What is Hybrid Banking?


Hybrid Banking concept combines both digital empowerment and human expertise onto the entirety of their customer experience. Hence, Hybrid banking enables banks to provide their services through both physical and digital channels, thus making service more accessible to customers.

Hybrid Banking



What are the advantages of Hybrid Banking?

The hybrid model empowers banks to offer complex and varied products around the clock while reducing operational costs. With a hybrid banking solution, banks and financial institutions provide instant banking services with 24/7 availability, decrease time and effort, and optimizing customer experience.

Which bank services can be extended 24/7 by Self Service machines?

  • Onboarding / open new account
  • Instant card issuing
  • Cheque deposit
  • Chequebook printing
  • Account statement printing
  • Remittance / transferring funds
  • Bill payment
  • Currency exchange

It’s essential leveraging the latest digital technology such as digital signatures, eKYC, video assistance, or business intelligence in the banking machines to better validate your customer, while extending services around the clock.

Who can support transforming to Hybrid Banks with Self-Service solutions?

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