Customer Visit Management System


A smart queue system to streamline the customer journey before, during and after every visit!

SEDCO’s Customer Visit Management (CVM), is a smart platform that includes, queue management system, digital signage, customer feedback system, and (BI) business intelligence that streamline the customer flow while having full control over all your branches.

Customer Visit Management by SEDCO

With SEDCO’s Queuing System, you can:

Empower customers to book e-tickets before stepping into your branch to save their time via CEM Mobile and online appointments.


  • Streamline between walk-ins and appointments to ensure a smooth customer journey.
  • Notify customers about their turn via digital signage, SMS, mobile app, and audio announcements.
  • Give priority to certain customers based on their segments (e.g. VIP, the elderly, pregnant women, and ADA).


Your customer data and transaction information appear on your service agent’s screen to:

  • Give a warm welcome to customers as humans with names rather than numbers.
  • Gain full insight about customer needs and trends.
  • Cross-sell other products based on the customers’ profile and history.
  • Encourage customers to submit their opinions through customer feedback device.


Monitor and Control your business performance and branches from a central location in real-time

Empowered with an advanced business intelligence system, you’ll be able to monitor your employees and branches in real time, analyze your business performance, and predict trends in order to make insightful decisions:


  • Manage, track, and optimize service.
  • Monitor and update the digital signage content remotely from the head office.
  • Take immediate action in case of urgent queuing or customers’ concerns.
  • Instant notifications and access to data in case of any crucial complications.
  • Gain full insight about each branch, service, and employee performance.
  • Make insightful decisions based on customer feedback data.