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About Us

About Us
We were on top of customer journey and experience management innovation before it was even a trendy buzzword
SEDCO was established in 1983, with the aim of fulfilling the growing needs of businesses for innovative products and solutions. We are currently focusing on providing comprehensive Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions that transform the customer journey through all possible touchpoints, keeping the customers happy with an exceptional experience.



SEDCO has a vast experience in designing and delivering creative solutions to businesses, starting at the hardware level, up to high level enterprise solutions. We have a dedicated team of professionals backed up with distinguished business and technical knowledge, which helped us succeed in the various types of businesses we have pursued.

Whether you are a Financial institution, Telecom, Public sector, Healthcare, or any other business that deals with masses of customers, SEDCO provides you with a solution that satisfies your customers’ and business needs. Headquartered in Dubai with offices in various countries and a big network of partners around the globe, SEDCO can reach you wherever you are and offer you customized solutions according to your needs.


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