Transform Your Bank to Smart Digital Branches and Beyond

Take Your Customer Experience to a New Level With Smart Digital Branch Transformation

Online banking has added great value to customer experience; it’s easier now for people to manage their banking accounts at anytime. However, when it comes to complex transactions and issuing documents, cards, or cheques, here is where face-to-face interaction counts. Banks can’t just close their physical branches.

Follow the digital movement without the massive overhead - it’s easy with SEDCO’s 
digital branch transformation solutions.

Of bank customers still expect to use physical branches in 2 years
Of customers want face-to-face advice when purchasing complex financial products
Of customers are willing to pay more for a better experience
Smart Digital Branch for banking sector by SEDCO

24/7 Smart Digital Branch, The Future of Banking

It’s all about balance between your technology and human reps!

With SEDCO’s digital branch transformation solutions including smart queuing system and self-service machines, you can utilize your banking branch space and divide it into:

  1. A classical branch zone open 8x5 (normal working hours).
  2. A complete self-service zone open 24x7.

Once your customers walk into your smart digital branch, they can be guided to a service representative, a virtual service machine with a video agent, an ATM, or a self-service machine.

With this channel flexibility, you can reduce your branch size and overhead - while simultaneously reducing queuing time for all customers in your branch.

Self Service Machine s for banks by SEDCO

24/7 Self Service Zone

Stay connected with your customers around the clock to remain competitive

Automate beyond cash transactions

ATMs provide automation for cash transactions, but when it comes to non-cash banking services, ATMs are expensive to deploy, operate, and integrate with the backend system.

SEDCO Self Service Kiosks offer your customers convenient banking experiences for cashless transactions 24/7:

  • Money exchange
  • Remittance (Safely transfer funds)
  • Issue and print cards instantly 
  • Easily deposit cheques
  • Instantly print cheques and cheque books
  • Print out account statements
  • Open new banking accounts
  • Apply for a loan
  • Consultancy with a remote financial expert (video banking)

Whether your customer prefers to deal with human agents or self-service machines, both setups are considered at your smart digital branch

Virtual Service Machines for the banking sector by  SEDCO
Video Banking Machine is a cost-effective channel to improve your branch efficiency

Video banking enables your bank to offer remote consultancy without the need to have financial experts in each branch. Convenient face-to-face assistance 24/7 with Video Banking Machine:

  • Customers can establish a video call with a remote employee at anytime.
  • Save costs by centralizing your banking experts instead of opening extra branches.
  • Remote employee can trigger actions in the machines so that customer can scan documents, scan fingerprint, insert cards … etc. 
  • Virtual employee can provide a service to a customer as if there was face-to-face interaction.

Why SEDCO’s Self Service Machine?

Availability of banking services with video assistance 24/7
Facilitate complex transactions beyond the working hours
Safe, secure, and cost-effective transactions
Easy to integrate with back-end systems
Flexibility of deployment and usage
Downsize branches and HR optimization
Reduce employee and overhead cost
Evolve to a smart branch to increase agility and reduce expenses with SEDCO
Customer Visit Management solution for banks by SEDCO

Customer Visit Management

Smart Banks streamline the customer journey before, during and after every visit. SEDCO smart queue management system can help achieve this:

Virtual queuing: Pre-scheduled appointments for a great customer experience

Empower your customers to book appointments before stepping into your bank to save their time. Your customers can enter a virtual queue and get a ticket from:

  • Mobile queuing app
  • Online appointment via your website
  • Self-service ticketing kiosk
Seamlessly integrate walk-ins and booked customers

Customers without appointments can enter the queue through the ticketing kiosk once they reach the branch. SEDCO queue system can:

  • Streamline between walk-ins and appointments.
  • Give priority to certain customers based on their segments (e.g. VIP, elderly and disabled people).
Smart Digital Signage for banking sector by SEDCO

Display the right content to the right customers at the right time

Engage customers while they wait to be served, with SEDCO digital screens:

  • Upsell your products/services with targeted ads.
  • Inform customers about their turn by displaying queue info, or the system can send SMS messages to remind them about their turns.
  • Manage, schedule, and update content on the screens easily from your head office
 Personalize your customer journey

With SEDCO queue system, all your customer data and transaction history appear on your teller screen to:

  • Warmly welcome your customers as people with names rather than numbers.
  • Gain full insight about customers, their needs, and trends.
  • Cross-sell other products based on the customers’ profile and history.

Keep improving the customer journey with Customer Feedback. Gain new insight into your customers’ needs and desires with Omni-channel Customer Feedback system via CEM mobile, self-service kiosk, and feedback device on your service counter.

Plan to grow faster with Business Intelligence

Keep an eye on your bank’s performance in all branches in real time, and take corrective actions instantly. With SEDCO’s business intelligence platform you gain deep insights about your services, workload, resources, availability, and usage.


Track the performance of your branches and employees in real-time with live dashboards and maps.


Advanced reports and statistics to understand where your bank is heading.


Find key patterns and trends to increase your efficiency and revenues.

Key Benefits of digital branch transformation for Banks

Self-service branch 24/7
Reduce branch size and cost
Reach more customers
Great customer experience
Optimize resource utilization
Dynamic reports and dashboards
Easy integration with back-end systems
Boost branch revenues

Join the digital transformation today

With SEDCO’s self-service solutions, you can provide convenient customer journeys in new locations to reach an untapped population - at only 5% of the cost of opening a new bank branch.

Our system is easy to integrate with your back-end system, as well as any third party system, to create a smooth experience for you and your customers.

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