Public Sector

Convenient Service Journey for Your Citizens
Public Sector

Digitizing the Citizen Journey at Government Institutions

Global government strategies are directed towards digital transformation to improve the services, and increase the well- being of their citizens. However, the budgetary challenge is delaying the transformation.

SEDCO’s digital branch transformation solutions, including, queuing system and self- service kiosks, create convenient customer journeys for your citizens while cutting down on operating costs.

Mobile Queuing System by SEDCO

Virtual queuing for a great citizen experience

Your visitors and citizens can conveniently book appointments on-the-go via CEM Mobile app, Self Service Kiosk, or your website. Your happy citizens can:

  • Pre-book appointments at the nearest service center
  • Specify their required service and date/ time
  • Generate an e-ticket.

This saves the citizens’ precious time and reduces crowds at your service centers

SEDCO's CEM solutions for the public sector

Streamline your citizen journey

Walk-in visitors can take their queue tickets once they step inside your premises via SEDCO’s ticketing kiosk. The smart Queue Management System streamlines between pre-booked and in-branch tickets. The system can give priority to certain customers based on their segments (for examples VIP, elderly, and physically challenged people).

Once visitors check-in, the system automatically displays their information on your public servants’ devices. This ensures that you give citizens a warm welcome and serve them with the most personalized and convenient experience.

Digitizing Your Citizen Journey

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Digital Signage system

Keep your citizens well-informed with digital signage

Enhance your citizen engagement and deliver to them a convenient journey. With smart Digital Signage, you can display relevant content to citizens to educate them about your services and reduce their perceived wait time.

  • Engage citizens with dynamic and relevant content on the screens
  • Inform citizens about your latest services, policies and regulations
  • Display queue info on the screens so that your citizens are always updated
Client Feedback Management System by SEDCO

Every comment and feedback counts

To make citizens happy, you need to understand their needs. With SEDCO’s Citizen Feedback system, you can get feedback about your services or staff at various levels and for any specific time, while the system analyzes the data and generates reports to help you make strategic decisions and increase citizen happiness.

  • Obtain feedback at every interaction point in the citizen journey
  • Get automated notifications to follow-up instantly with unhappy citizens
  • Analyze the entire feedback using dynamic reports to make insightful decisions
  • Continually improve your citizen journey based on their feedback
  • Manage citizen feedback centrally for all branches and service points
Queue management system for the public sector by SEDCO

Become more foresighted, automated, and citizen-focused

Be ready for your digital journey and empower citizens and residents to serve themselves 24/7 through self-service kiosks:

  • Book appointments and generate e-ticket
  • Pay bills
  • Fill e-applications, and scan documents such as passports and permits

Bring together great citizen experience and economical service channel to help your institution thrive towards future cities:

  • Reduce branch size and cost. Extend services 24/7 without cramping the space in your public branches
  • Easy access to public services in underserviced areas such as city outskirts
  • The self-service machines are ADA compliant, providing easy access for people with special needs
Be Ahead of Digital Transformation 

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Business Intelligence Dashboard by SEDCO

Turn data into a strategic government asset

Plan for a smart future with SEDCO’s Business Intelligence system that can be easily integrated at every touchpoint in your citizen journey. Generate accurate, real-time insights to improve your citizen experience:

  • Live dashboards to monitor your institution’s performance in real time
  • Access your dashboards from anywhere - using your mobile, tablet, and laptop
  • Take the right action at the right time with interactive dashboards

Key Benefits of CEM solution for Governments

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Accessibility to public services 24/7
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Reduce wait and service times
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Central management for all service areas
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Real-time monitoring to boost performance
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Measure and increase citizen happiness
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Best utilization of your resources
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Easy integration with back-end systems
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Citizen-focused transformation

Take your Citizen Experience to A New Level

Our system is easy to integrate with your back-end systems, as well as any third party system, to create a great citizen experience. 

Jump-start your transition to an intelligent institution whether you are a ministry, tax office, passport facility, vehicle licensing service, or any other public department that deals with people, with our public branch transformation solutions.

Reduce Waiting Time and Create a Seamless Citizen Journey

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