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Transform to smart, digital telecom stores to offer the best customer experience 24/7

While customers expect a seamless experience at every touchpoint, telecom operators compete to differentiate their services to make the customers happy, minimize costs and increase revenue.

This is where SEDCO’s smart digital branch transformation solutions- including advanced queue management systems and self-service machines – come to provide convenient customer experience, optimize your resource utilization, and increase your profits by 30%

Smart Telecom Branch by SEDCO

The Future of Telecom: 24/7 Smart Telecom Branch

It’s all about balance between your technology and human representatives!

With SEDCO’s digital branch transformation solutions including smart queueing system and self-service machines, you can utilize your telecom store space and divide into:

  1. A classical store zone open 8x5 (normal working hours).
  2. A complete self-service zone open 24x7.

Once your customers walk into your smart digital store, they can be guided to a service representative, a virtual service machine with a video agent, a self-service shop, or a self-service machine

With this channel flexibility, you can reduce your store size and overhead - while simultaneously reducing queuing time for all customers in your store.

The system can give priority to certain customers based on their segments (e.g. VIP, elderly and disabled people).

Self Service Machines for the telecom industry by SEDCO

Self Service Machines 24/7

You can transform to automated telecom stores to serve your customer beyond your working hours by installing SEDCO self-service machines:

  • Reduce cost (by reducing staff and real estate requirements).
  • Increase sales by 30%.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction. 
  • 60% increase in store effectiveness.

Our Self Service Machines are the ideal solution for Telecom

self service kiosks telecom
Self-Service Kiosks
Provide 24/7 customer service with Self-Service Kiosks

Install the self-service machines in dynamic locations such as malls, subways and airports to empower customers to serve themselves with your telecom services around the clock:


  • Sim card dispensing
  • Account top up
  • Mobile money
  • Bill payments 
  • Account management 


Customers can also benefits from the self-service kiosk to:
  • Fill, scan and print the needed documents.
  • Capture image and video from camera for verification.
  • Pay in cash, coin, card or cheque.
Virtual Service Machines for the telecom sector by SEDCO
Virtual Service Machines
Offer seamless face-to-face services with Virtual Service Machines
  • Connect your customer to a virtual agent 24/7.
  • Save costs by centralizing your live agents
self service shops telecom
Self Service Shops
Self Service Shops: A complete cost-effective telecom branch replacement to increase your sales and profit

Empower your customers to purchase mobile phones, tablets, sim cards and other telecom accessories 24/7. SEDCO’s Automated Telecom Shop makes your products and services available around the clock.

  • Customers can buy physical items by themselves. 
  • Lockers to receive, repair and return telecom devices.
  • Accept different methods of payment, cash or cards.
CEM queue Mobile app for Telecom sector by SEDCO

Whether your customer prefer to deal with human agents or self-service machines, both setups are considered at your smart digital branch


Customer Visit Management

Smart telecom companies streamline the customer journey before, during and after every visit. SEDCO smart queue management system can help achieve this:

Start the journey in the palm of Customers’ hands with CEM Mobile

When accessing your application via smart mobile device, SEDCO’s CEM mobile app empowers your customers to check which store or self-service machine is closest, and which branch has the most convenient appointment times. Your customers can easily select the service and issue e-tickets.

Smart Digital Signage for the Telecom sector by SEDCO
Boost purchase intent with Smart Digital Signage

Besides informing customers about their turns, SEDCO smart digital signage displays relevant content that reduces perceived wait time while increasing sales.


  • Trigger purchase intent by displaying targeted promotional content. 
  • Inform customers about your latest products and services. 
  • Manage, schedule, and update content on the screens easily from your head office
Provide a personalized experience with a service representative

With smart queuing system, all customers’ details are displayed on your agent’s screen to serve your customers with the experience they deserve

  • Welcome your customers by their name 
  • Upsell your products and services based on customer segment
customer feedback via website management
Keep improving the customer journey with Customer Feedback

Gain new insight into your customers’ needs and desires with Omni channel Customer Feedback system via CEM mobile, self-service kiosk and feedback device on your service counter.

Be in control of all your stores and self-service machines from your central telecom office - 100% remotely.

Plan to grow faster with Business Intelligence

Keep an eye on your organization’s performance in all branches in real time, and take corrective actions instantly. With SEDCO’s business intelligence platform you gain deep insights about your services, workload, resources, availability, and usage.


Track the performance of your branches and employees in real-time with live dashboards and maps.


Advanced reports and statistics to understand where your bank is heading.


Find key patterns and trends to increase your efficiency and revenues.

Key Benefits of CEM solution for Telecom

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Increase sales with automated purchases 24/7
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More customer acquisition and retention
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Reduced service and marketing costs
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Increase store efficiency and productivity
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Better brand image and equity
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Best utilization of your resources
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Omni-channel customer feedback
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Easy integration with your back-end systems

Join the digital transformation today with SEDCO

With SEDCO’s self-service solutions, you can provide convenient customer journeys in new locations to reach an untapped population - at only 5% of the costs of opening a new telecom store.

Our system is easy to integrate with your back-end system, as well as any third party system, to create a smooth experience for you and your customers

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