Seamless Customer Experience for Utilities
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Transform into a smart, digital utility center to provide the best customer experience

The increased competition between  utilities- including water, electricity and gas providers- to offer the best customer service in a cost effective way has entailed changes to adopt new technologies in order to improve the customer experience and drive business growth.

SEDCO’s digital branch transformation solutions place the customers at the heart of operations. The systems help utilities improve customer journey across all possible touchpoints.

Whether people prefer to deal with human agents or self-service machines, both setups are considered at your smart digital branch

CEM queue mobile app for utilities by SEDCO

Customer Visit Management

Streamline your customer journey before, during and after every visit. SEDCO smart queue management system can help achieve this:

Virtual queuing for a great customer experience

Your customers can conveniently book appointments on-the-go via CEM Mobile app, Self Service Kiosk, or your website. Happy customers can:

  • Pre-book appointments at the nearest service center.
  • Specify their required service and date/ time.
  • Generate an e-ticket.

This saves people’s precious time and reduces crowds at your service centers.

Complete Queue Management System by SEDCO

Streamline your customer journey

Walk-in customers can take their queue tickets once they step inside your premises via SEDCO’s ticketing kiosk.

The smart Queue Management System streamlines between pre-booked and in-branch tickets. The system can give priority to certain customers based on their segments (for examples VIP, elderly, and disabled people).

Once customers check-in, the system automatically displays their information on your service employees’ devices. This ensures that you give customers a warm welcome and serve them with the most personalized and convenient experience.

Smart Digital Signage for Utilities by SEDCO

Reduce perceived wait time with Smart Digital Signage

Enhance customers’ engagement and deliver to them a convenient journey. With smart Digital Signage, you can display relevant content to:

  • Engage customers with dynamic and relevant content on the screens.
  • Inform customers about your latest services, policies and regulations.
  • Display queue info on the screens so that your customers are always updated.
Customer Feedback System by SEDCO

Every comment and feedback counts

With SEDCO’s Customer Feedback system, you can get comments about your services or staff at various levels and for any specific time, while the system analyzes the data and generates reports to help you make strategic decisions and increase customer happiness.

  • Obtain feedback at every interaction point in the customer journey.
  • Get automated notifications to follow-up instantly with unhappy customers.
  • Analyze the entire feedback using dynamic reports to make insightful decisions.

Plan to grow faster with Business Intelligence

Keep an eye on your organization’s performance in all branches in real time, and take corrective actions instantly. With SEDCO’s business intelligence platform you gain deep insights about your services, workload, resources, availability, and usage.

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Track the performance of your branches and employees in real-time with live dashboards and maps

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Advanced reports and statistics to understand where your business is heading

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Find key patterns and trends to increase your efficiency and revenues

Self Service Machines for utilities by SEDCO

Self Service Machines 24/7 

You can transform to automated service center to serve your customers beyond your working hours by installing SEDCO self-service machines:

  • Reduce cost (by reducing staff and real estate requirements).
  • Increase sales by 30%.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction.
  • 60% increase in store effectiveness.

Provide 24/7 customer service with Self-Service Kiosks

Install the self-service machines in dynamic locations such as malls, subways and airports to empower customers to serve themselves around the clock:

  • Pay bills around the clock
  • Fill, scan and print the needed documents.
  • Capture image and video from camera for verification.
  • Pay in cash, coin, card or cheque.

The self-service machines are ADA compliant, providing easy access for people with special needs.

Be in control of all your service centers and self-service machines from your central office - 100% remotely

Key Benefits of CEM solution for Utilities

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Accessibility to your services 24/7
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Reduce wait and service times
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Central management for all service areas
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Real-time monitoring to boost performance
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Best utilization of your resources
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Easy integration with back-end systems
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More customer acquisition and retention
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Omni-channel customer feedback
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Easy integration with your back-end systems

Join the digital transformation today with SEDCO

With SEDCO’s self-service solutions, you can provide convenient customer journeys in new locations to reach an untapped population - at only 5% of the costs of opening a new service branch.

Our solution is easy to integrate with your back-end system, as well as any third party system, to create a smooth experience for you and your customers.

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Algiers Water and Sanitation Company (SEAAL)
Algiers Water and Sanitation Company (SEAAL) implements SEDCO’s Customer Experience (CEM) solutions

Algiers Water and Sanitation Company (SEAAL) is a public utility company, 70% owned by the Algerian Water Company (ADE) and 30%

Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation
Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA) selects SEDCO's Customer Experience (CEM) solutions

Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA) was established in July 2000 to regulate and maintain the supply of electricity