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Achieve a Smart Digital Retail store for a great customer experience

Customers want to be served with the least time and effort possible, while retailers are keen to sell more and reduce customer churn. SEDCO’s comprehensive Customer Experience solutions help you to stand out from the competition, drive more sales and deliver convenient journeys to your customers

Of boost in customer spending when self-service kiosks are used in retail
Of retail customers prefer self-service solutions
Of retail customers have better experiences when staff is equipped with technology

The Future of Retail: Great Customer Experience at your smart digital stores, 24/7


CEM queue mobile app for retail by SEDCO

Offer On-the-Go Experiences with CEM Mobile

Now your customers can locate the closest stores, book appointments, and provide feedback – all from the palm of their hands.

  • Your customers can search for the nearest store with less waiting time.
  • Customers book for services and issue e-ticket.
  • Empower customers to leave reviews on the go


    Complete Queue Management System by SEDCO

    Manage queues the smart way with Queue Management System

    Is the success of your retail shop driving your queues out of control?

    Make queue management simple with SEDCO, and create a retail environment where customers can shop stress-free.

    • Segment your customers to prioritize checkout orders (e.g. VIP customers, pregnant…etc. ).
    • Display ads on the kiosk and its screen to increase purchase intent.
    • Provide a better customer experience with reduced waiting times for checkout.

    Boost purchase intent with Smart Digital Signage

    Make the most of each customer’s visit. With SEDCO’s Digital Signage, you feed the customers visiting your store with relevant content that reduces perceived wait time while increasing purchases.

    • Trigger purchase intent by displaying targeted promotional content
    • Inform customers about your latest products and offers.
    • Manage, schedule, and update content on the screens easily from your head office.
    Business Intelligence system for Retail  by SEDCO

    Plan for Retail Growth with Business Intelligence

    Gain the right insights to understand what works and what doesn’t across the entire customer journey. SEDCO’s business intelligence platform is integrated at every touchpoint to ensure nothing is missed

    • Access real-time monitoring of your retail store’s performance via dashboards.
    • Use any device to access your dashboards - desktop, tablet, mobile, and laptops.
    • Understand the correlation between sales, customer satisfaction, and service level - and make the necessary changes.


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    Provide 24/7 services with Self-Service Kiosks

    Empower customers to serve themselves through self-service kiosks.

    • Downsize your store while providing seamless 24/7 checkouts.
    • Provide more checkout spaces without overloading the limited floor space in your branch.
    • Customers can book services and leave feedback.
    • Customers check out by themselves without weighing down your staff.
    Customer Feedback System by SEDCO

    Gain valuable insights with Customer Feedback

    To boost your sales and develop a solid customer base, you need to understand what customers expect from you. Empower your customers to share their comments and thoughts with smart Customer Feedback System.

    • Obtain feedback at every level of the journey and access dynamic reports.
    • Manage customer feedback centrally from all branches to see the big picture.
    • Continually improve your customer service based on their feedback.

    Key Benefits of CEM solution for Retail

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    Faster checkouts with less wait and service time
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    Availability of your services 24/7
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    Central management for all your stores.
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    Real-time monitoring to boost efficiency
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    Foster customer loyalty and retention
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    Increased profitability via cross-selling
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    Best utilization of your resources.
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    Easy integration with your back-end systems

    Provide customers with convenient journeys at a lower cost with a smart digital retail store

    With SEDCO’s self-service solutions, you can provide convenient customer journeys in new locations to reach untapped areas - at only 5% of the costs of opening a new store.

    Our system is easy to integrate with your back-end system, as well as any third party system, to create a smooth experience for you and your customers. The self-service machines are ADA compliant, providing easy access for people with special needs.

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