Step Ahead Towards a Smart Branch Experience and Beyond


Most the businesses, including banks, healthcare, governments, and telecom operators, are changing in unprecedented ways these days. Their branches are becoming smarter, allowing their customers to enjoy a great customer experience through super-efficient service and to do most of their transactions through digital channels

It is crucial to provide customers with an exceptional omnichannel experience that makes them happy all the time. The question is, how?

Well, it takes two to tango. You need a reliable partner, who can help you deliver a smart digital branch and even beyond. If you’re looking for such a partner, you’re at the right place. SEDCO is set to render you with all the innovative CEM solutions needed to fulfill the growing needs of your business. 

SEDCO has been changing the ways of customer experience for the better, even before the term was actually coined. We’ve been providing comprehensive CX solutions to take the customer’s journey to the next level. From queuing management to digital signage and omni-channel customer feedback system to self-service kiosks, all these elements are needed to prepare the recipe for a smart branch experience and more. And, guess what? SEDCO does this better than anyone else.

Let’s talk about what made you read this post...

Customer Experience Management (CEM)

Customers’ journey should be so amazing that they feel delighted to visit the branch. We believe it all starts with making it easier and simpler to reach the branch, as well as to deliver the best customer experience at every touchpoint. SEDCO’s customer journey management solutions can do a lot. Want to know how? It is through:

  • Navigating customers to the nearest branch and booking appointments through CEM mobile – to eliminate the hassle of reaching the branch.
  • Creating a relaxing atmosphere to triggers customers’ sentiments via Scent and Temperature control device.
  • Improving efficiency and customer satisfaction with the help of routing and queuing management – to provide personalized services to customers.
  • Customer identification and self-check-in – to save the employees’ precious time and effort.
  • Targeted advertising and attractive display through digital signage – to deliver the right content to the right customer at the right stage.
  • Providing customer feedback – to know how satisfied customers are.

Branch Transformation through Self Service Solutions

More than anything else, customers need comfort and convenience. Well, for the – time is money. They don't want any delays in getting products and services. To eliminate this delay, SEDCO has come up with “Self Service Solutions”.

Most physical shops are not good enough to fulfill all the needs of a modern customer. SEDCO understands this pretty well and that’s why we’ve innovated the right self-service machines that help in:

  • Availability of services beyond the working hours
  • Saving money that one would have spent on new branches
  • Eliminating the need for employees’ involvement
  • Introducing cost-effective sales and services channels
  • In case employee intervention is required, customers can experience a live video call with teller assistance via SEDCO’s Virtual Service Machine which reduces in-branch traffic.

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