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Boost profits 24/7 with automated telecom kiosk

Your business can increase profits by selling products at all times without the cost of extra staff. With SEDCO’s Self-Service Shops, your customers can buy your products and services anytime, anywhere, even at times of business lockdown forced by governments during COVID-19 pandemic

Achieve digital transformation with a complete branch replacement. Maintain your sales in a completely safe environment. It’s possible with SEDCO’s automated telecom kiosk

Self-service shops aren’t just cost-effective: They’re what the customer wants
Of customers prefer self-service solutions
Of customers expect self-service from brands
Boost in customer spending when self-service is used
Of customers are comfortable purchasing products using only self-service options
Empower your customers and automate your business with SEDCO self-service shops today.

Access to your products and services from dynamic locations

By installing the automated shops in strategic and underserved locations, your customers are able to access your services and buy your products at any time, such as sim cards, tablets, mobile phones, and their accessories.

Automated Telecom Kiosk by SEDCO

Cost effective sales channel + convenient customer journey= increased profits

  • Customers can instantly purchase products without waiting in line.

  • Complete branch replacement, no need to open a new branch.

  • Optimized utilization of your human resources.
  • Safer product purchases without direct human interaction.

Boost brand recognition and sales revenue with Smart Digital Screens

Are you ready to add a new promotional channel? SEDCO’s Self-Service Shops can be customized to add digital signage for promotional branding.

  • Display dynamic messages to gain more reach away from your branches.

  • Upsell customers with attention-driving content to boost your revenue.

  • Attract new customers

BI Dashboards for Self Service Kiosks by SEDCO

Control your automated kiosks from a central location in real-time

Transform to smart branches that are easy to manage and control with SEDCO’s advanced central management system:

  • Single integration point for all kiosks.

  • Manage, track, and optimize services.

  • Update the digital screen content based on the customer profile.

  • Alert notifications to guarantee the availability of service.

  • Make insightful decisions based on service demands, revenue, and customer feedback.


Self-Service Telecom Kiosk by SEDCO

Smart Telecom Kiosk with 24/7 self-service capability

Our user-friendly interface empowers your customer to serve themselves around the clock:

  • Purchase mobiles/tablets, modems, phone accessories, and more

  • SIM cards dispensing

  • Instant bill payment

  • Top up

  • Account management

  • Mobile money

Main benefits of automated Telecom kiosk

Make products and services available 24/7
Make products and services available 24/7
Reduce waiting time.
Reduce waiting time.
Safe and secure purchases.
Safe and secure purchases.
Easy development and deployment of services.
Easy development and deployment of services.
Customizable to suit specific requirements
Customizable to suit specific requirements
Decrease operating costs
Decrease operating costs
Boost your revenue
Boost your revenue
Best utilization of your resources
Best utilization of your resources

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Automating your sales is easy with Self-Service Shops

Your most cost-effective sales channel is just within your reach. Get in touch today to get started.

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