The Ministry of Investment in Saudi Arabia collaborates with SEDCO to Elevate the Citizens Experience through Queue Management Solutions

The Ministry of Investment in Saudi Arabia collaborates with SEDCO to Elevate the Citizens Experience through SEDCO’s Queue Management Solutions


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - June 12, 2023 - The Ministry of Investment, in its mission to optimize the citizens experience, adopts SEDCO's Queue Management Solution in seven offices, operating at  one hundred and two counters across the kingdom.

The solution includes smart queuing technologies such as mobile bookingdigital signage, customer identification, advanced BI, and mobile customer feedback.

The mobile booking empowers visitors to schedule appointments in advance via the mobile app, allowing them to directly get served when arriving to the governmental office without waiting in queue. Additionally, they can receive in app notifications when their turn is coming up for more convenience.

Walk-ins can issue queue tickets from queuing kiosks inside the governmental offices. They can check their queue status on the digital screens, which also serve as channels to display government services, keeping them informed and engaged.

Citizens are offered an opportunity to express their satisfaction level with government services via customer feedback system within the mobile app, allowing the ministry to gather valuable opinions and insights directly from citizens, analyze the feedback and generate reports to enhance service delivery.

SEDCO's advanced system enabled the ministry to deliver top notch personalized services for the public, where they can get served without waiting in queues, save their time, and submit immediate feedback about their experience.

The Ministry of Investment ensures a superior citizen experience by monitoring office performance in real time, analyzing feedback, and generating insightful reports. Inefficiencies were identified through data-driven insights, creating a citizen-centric culture within the government offices. As a result, the ministry ensures the delivery of efficient, transparent, and highly satisfactory services to the public.

"We are excited to be part of the Ministry of Investment's journey of digitizing the citizens experience; our advanced Business Intelligence tool embedded within the system offers live customizable monitoring dashboards and rich reports, leading to enhanced efficiency, better allocation of resources, and superior services,” Nidal Abu Markhieh, Regional Sales Manager at SEDCO, stated. "This step is a milestone for the ministry towards re-inventing the citizens’ experience," he concluded.

About The Ministry of Investment:

The ongoing transformation of Saudi Arabia under the Vision 2030 plan is unlocking new opportunities at an unprecedented pace. The Ministry of Investment of Saudi Arabia (MISA) is facilitating access to these opportunities by developing a vibrant cross-government investment ecosystem, while supporting businesses throughout their investment journey.

Through a network of dynamic business centers across the Kingdom, MISA partners with local and international businesses of all scales and sizes—from startups to blue chip multinationals—to help make investing in the Kingdom as streamlined and simple as possible.

MISA takes a lead role in improving Saudi Arabia’s overall business environment, commissioning multiple market intelligence studies every year and developing local opportunities for joint ventures.

About SEDCO:

SEDCO, established in 1983 is a leading provider of Customer Experience Management Solutions, with a unique mission of empowering a variety of market sectors with smart technological solutions, including finance, telecom, governments, healthcare, retail, utilities, and others to transform the customer experience journey. During the last two decades, SEDCO has been focusing on providing comprehensive Digital Branch Transformation solutions to bridge between digital and physical channels, satisfy business needs, and streamline the customer experience across all possible touchpoints. Headquartered in Dubai, SEDCO has successfully implemented more than 60,000 installations across Europe, Africa, and Asia.

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