Optimizing Token Kiosks For A Safer Experience: What, How & Why?


With the COVID-19 pandemic still at large, banks, telecom operators, and many other service providers must re-evaluate their operational models in order to continue serving their customers in a safe and secure manner. Online services provide an easy alternative in most cases. However, institutions such as banks must also be prepared to assist customers who visit their physical branch to access more complex banking services that are unavailable via online banking. What banks need is a sophisticated solution that enables them to screen customers for COVID-19 symptoms and take prompt action to provide a safer customer journey and protect their staff. Choosing to upgrade your queuing kiosks with add-on auto fever detectors allows you to do exactly that.

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What are Auto Fever Detectors?

An auto fever detector is an add-on device that is capable of screening for fever automatically. It can be installed within a token kiosk, where it reads a customer’s body temperate in a non-invasive manner. The primary purpose here is to screen for customers with COVID-19 symptoms before they can approach a service counter and engage with your staff. If a customer appears to have a high temperature, the system will not issue a queuing ticket. Instead, a notification will be sent to your staff, allowing them to take appropriate action.

How to benefit from upgrading your queuing kiosks?

Some of the primary benefits of installing auto fever detectors within ticketing kiosks include:

Promote Safer Customer Experiences

Given the uncertainty surrounding us at the moment, safe customer experiences are pivotal to retaining your customers and ensuring they continue to utilize your services. Installing these devices allows banks to gain customer trust by prioritizing their health and ensuring a safer customer journey.

Provide More Hygienic Working Environment

As per reports, lack of safety protocols at work continues to be a primary concern among employees. In the case of banks, these concerns are even more prominent due to frequent physical interaction with customers.

Choosing to upgrade your queuing kiosks with auto fever detectors can help resolve this problem. It can provide a safer environment for your staff while also helping you build your employer brand by taking appropriate measures to protect your employees.

Eliminate Human Error

Using an add-on auto fever detector allows you to eliminate human error. For instance, if you are using a hand-held infrared thermometer to check a customer’s temperature, then there is a 70% chance you may not be able to screen every individual that visits your branch.

By upgrading the queuing system with an add-on auto fever detecting device, you can help prevent this possibility and enable your organization to operate in a socially responsible manner by minimizing interaction with infected individuals.

Additionally, if you are using a manual thermometer for measuring temperature while customers are moving too quickly or when your hand is unsteady, then there’s a possibility of getting the wrong temperature reading. In the case of auto fever detectors, these devices do not screen for temperature unless a person is standing in the right place, thus ensuring greater accuracy.


Lower Operational Costs

Another primary advantage of installing an automatic temperature screening device within your token kiosks is that it eliminates the need to hire extra personnel for checking temperature using a hand-held infrared thermometer. This can lower your operational costs and provide you with a long-term solution that enables you to manage any possible new outbreaks of the virus within the community.

Easy Integration and Management

As opposed to employing infrared thermometers for screening customers, an auto fever detector is far easier to manage. This device can be easily integrated within a token kiosk and allows you to screen customers more efficiently.

Why SEDCO's COVID-Compliant Solutions?

Given the current situation, banks must prepare to align their operations with the new normal to ensure business continuity.

SEDCO offers a range of products that can empower your bank to introduce a comprehensive solution for ensuring the safety of your customers through digital transformation. From token kiosks and auto fever detectors to virtual queuing and self-service solutions, SEDCO provides a 360-degree solution that can allow banks to operate safely amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our auto fever detector is designed to help you provide a safer customer journey by minimizing physical interactions and providing a healthier environment for your customers and staff alike.

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about how you can upgrade your queuing kiosks with an add-on auto fever detection device and deliver more value to your customers. Visit www.sedco.co for more information.

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