Orabank Gabon enhances its customer experience by implementing SEDCO's Virtual Queue Management Solutions

Orabank Gabon SEDCO Queue Management building


With its commitment to offering the best customer experience across branches, Orabank Gabon has adopted SEDCO's Virtual Queue Management solutions in collaboration with GBM, with a plan to extend more branches during this year.

The advanced virtual queueing system includes mobile booking, customer identification, digital signage, mobile feedback, which all in all, creates a better customer journey, simplifies booking appointments, and reduces waiting times for its customers.

Furthermore, the smart queueing system also includes monitoring dashboard, maps and rich reports empowering Orabank management to better control their branches, utilize human resources, and increase efficiency across branches

Orabank customers now can start their journey before reaching the branch by easily booking their appointments via the mobile app and choosing the needed service, hence eliminating queues. Walk-in customers can also directly join the queue by printing tickets from the queuing kiosks inside bank branches, while SEDCO system streamlines between pre-booked and walk-in customers.

Additionally, customers can be notified of their turns via mobile notification while waiting anywhere outside the branch, or can be called forward for their turns through audio announcement while resting comfortably, or by checking their queue status on digital screens from the digital signage system integrated in the customer experience management solution.

The mobile feedback feature empowers customers to submit immediate feedback about the service quality through the mobile app, while the system analyses their feedback, allowing Orabank management to improve their customer services and increase customer satisfaction.

Ousmane Niasse, Commercial Director of GBM-Gabon commented on the collaboration,” It is our pleasure to collaborate with SEDCO to support Orabank’s mission to digitalize their customer experience; we ensure that SEDCO’s advanced queueing system can empower Orabank to better organize, engage and measure both customers and employees’ experience across every touchpoint.”

From SEDCO’s side, Khaled Hayajneh, Business Development Manager at Africa Region stated, “Powered with interactive dashboards and advanced reporting system, our system empowers Orabank’s management to monitor branch, staff and service area performance, while enabling their branch manager to receive SMS or email alerts whenever an issue arises for immediate action to be taken, as well as they can get deep insights to support Orabank strategic and future planning towards improving banks’ service quality and delivering the best customer experience in Gabon”.