SPL transforms the Saudi citizen journey to smart one by selecting SEDCO Queuing Solution

SPL SEDCO Queue Management


SPL provides top logistical and postal services across the kingdom by selecting SEDCO’s Queue Management solution to transform 115 offices to smart branches, while enhancing the citizen experience.

The system includes Queuing Management, Customer Identification, and Digital Signage. Citizens across Saudi Arabia can now directly join the queue by printing tickets from the queuing kiosks inside SPL offices, eliminating queues.

Furthermore, citizens can be called forward for their turns through audio announcement or by checking their queue status on digital screens from the digital signage system integrated in the Customer Visit Management Solution.

SPL employees benefit as well from the system, by matching up the right staff member with the service requested, while administrators can measure every aspect of the citizen journey, from queuing to feedback collection.

On business level, SEDCO system enables SPL management to better control branches and plan resources to deliver excellent services.

Nidal Abu Markhieh, Country Manager at SEDCO in KSA, commented on the collaboration, ”It is our pleasure to support SPL’s government digitalization mission that aims to provide better citizen experience with more efficient services; our advanced queuing system empowers SPL to better organize, engage and measure both visitors and employees experiences across every touchpoint.”

“Through integration with the BI tool, our system empowers SPL’s management to better control branches, monitor staff and service area performance through dashboards and maps, while enabling the branch manager to receive SMS or email alerts whenever an issue arises for immediate action to be taken. They can also receive rich reports and get deep insights to support SPL strategic and future planning,” he added.