Self-Service Kiosk
SEDCO self-service machine CONSULTA 120

Multifunction branch with video assistance

CONSULTA® 120 is a self-service kiosk with video conferencing facility that enables the customer to communicate with a backend agent.

The smart self-service machine is used by the customer while being seated, which adds more convenience for customers especially for transactions that take time. Furthermore, CONSULTA® 120 provides equal access for people in wheelchairs.

The Kiosk is optimal, it can accept maximum components and is easily configurable to offer complete services based on the business sector.

CONSULTA® 120 can be used as a part of digital branch transformation in various sectors, including banks, telecom, and other sectors.

WxDxH = 117.3x90.6x176

CONSULTA® 120 self-service kiosk offers different types of services based on the business sector


Cheque Book Printing Kiosk for Banks

Empower your customers to get many of your banking services by themselves 24/7 while enabling them to start a video call with a remote employee for assistance and identity verification if necessary. This includes:

  • ATM card issuance
  • Cheque book printing
  • Cheque leaf printing
  • Cheque deposit
  • Instant cheque printing
  • Account statement printing
  • Card renewal
  • Applying for loans
  • Transferring funds
  • Customer feedback

All in One Telecom Kiosk

Accelerate your telecom services and empower customers to run a video conference with a remote employee for assistance and identity verification if necessary. This includes: 

  • SIM card issuance/ replacement
  • Bill payment
  • Top up
  • Account management
  • Mobile money (cash in / out)
  • Customer feedback
Grow your business and provide a convenient customer journey with interactive self-service machines

CONSULTA® 120 self-service kiosk offers the following functions

Receipt printing - icon
Receipt printing
Cash payments - icon
Cash payments
Card printing-dispensing - icon
Card printing/ dispensing
Cheque book printing - icon
Cheque book printing
Cheque printing-deposit - icon
Cheque leaf printing/ deposit
KYC customer identification - icon
KYC customer identification
Digital Screen - icon
Digital screen
Power Management-UPS - icon
Power management/ UPS