Make insightful decisions to grow your business with customer feedback


Digital transformation has changed the customer experience. Customers are interacting with brands in many more ways than they used to. Now they’re using websites, mobile apps, and self-service kiosks to name a few. All these touchpoints allow customers to pick and choose how they want to carry out their purchases and obtain the services they need.

Giving customers an easy way to share feedback across every touchpoint is crucial for creating seamless experiences that make the customers happy, which translates into higher retention rates, increased revenue, and better brand image.

 How omnichannel customer feedback helps boost your business

"Businesses with omnichannel strategies enjoy 91% higher customer retention rates year over year compared to those which don’t.”

- PwC, Future of Customer Experience survey 2018

Some people prefer digital services channels, while others don't. Smart businesses should consider the changes of customers’ behaviors. Having an omnichannel customer feedback solution can help here. It empowers you to collect feedback from various channels, including the mobile apps, websites, touch screen feedback panels, self-service kiosks, and more. Because all these channels are connected, all feedback is consolidated into a central point for easy review and analysis. Getting feedback with each interaction between the customer and your business helps you make smarter business decisions. It’s a process of continuous improvement enabled by data-driven insights.


Let your business thrive with omnichannel customer feedback system


Whether you’re a bank, telecom company, government office, healthcare provider, or retail store, SEDCO’s customer feedback system transforms your customer experience to an exceptional level. Your customers can conveniently provide instant feedback both inside and outside your branches.


 Simple integration


Because SEDCO develops hardware and software to help with every stage of the customer journey, it enables a smoother customer experience while providing more chances to collect feedback. Our solutions work with your website and mobile app to help you map out the whole customer journey. The feedback goes into our real-time business intelligence (BI) platform.

Easy management

When you’re expanding your business by opening new branches or hiring more employees, the challenge of scaling technology becomes very real. SEDCO helps address these concerns by providing a central point for managing customer feedback gathered from multiple sources. Our dynamic reports dashboard ensures no one’s left out of the loop.

Happy customers

In the Age of the Consumer, people are accustomed to having their voices heard. Reputable brands are those that collect and act on feedback. SEDCO’s omnichannel client feedback system boosts customer satisfaction by providing more opportunities to collect customer feedback in real-time. You can then use this data to continually improve your customer experiences.

Smart decisions

Capturing value from your customer data is the most important thing. But with so much data being created, it’s become impossible for humans alone to make sense out of it all. That’s why our business intelligence platform gives you an in-depth insight through advanced reports and interactive dashboards to enhance performance, predict trends, and formulate more rewarding future plans.

SEDCO provides customer experience solutions to more than 10,000 branches around the world, reshaping customer journeys into smart digital experiences that drive growth. Contact us today at to empower your business