Najm takes a step towards digital branch transformation by installing SEDCO self-service kiosks

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SEDCO self-service kiosk at Najm Insurance branch


In line with its vision to achieve digital branch transformation and enhance the customer journey, Najm for Insurance Services – a prominent name in the Insurance Industry in KSA – is installing SEDCO’s self-service solutions in its branches in the Kingdom.

The multifunction self-service machines will be installed within many smart digital branches in self-service corners to extend Najm services 24/7. The provided solution has a video call feature, where the customer can be connected to one of Najm’s agents whenever needed.

Najm leverages the self-service kiosks to empower their customers to get many services through the machines, this includes objections registration, claims registration, general complaints, insurance records checking, general inquires, and anti-fraud reporting. Furthermore, customers can print any insurance form directly from the machines, including damage assessment report, repair authorization, accident claim, accident receipt, and many other forms without interacting with the staff.

The provided system is powered with Business Intelligence, offering valuable business insights and reporting, such as kiosk visits detailed report, transactions details report, and many other reports.

Talking about the recent self-service solutions deployed and integrated for Najm, Nidal Abu Markhieh, Country Manager at SEDCO stated, “we are glad to partner with Najm to switch to 24/7 self-service corners by selecting our digital branch transformation solutions. Our self-service kiosks will eliminate branch queues, enhance the overall customer journey, and reduce total cost of ownership”.

Over the years, SEDCO has successfully delivered digital branch transformation solutions across various industries. The company has a long experience in providing self-service kiosks to the finance sector, including banks and insurance companies, besides other sectors like telecom, government organization, and utility companies.