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Queuing and Routing

Queuing and Routing
Queue system - SEDCO

Citizens and residents of today like to be recognized. They like to feel valued and special. Our Queuing and Routing solution identifies the customers even before they start their journey with your business. It gives your customers the recognition that they deserve.


You will have full insight about your customers, their needs and trends, allowing you to deliver a personalized and convenient customer experience that makes them happy and ensures their loyalty.






Our Customer Identification feature provides you with the following benefits:


  • Personalized services to customers.
  • Personalized advertisements / greetings on queue tickets.
  • Prioritized service based on segment (e.g. VIP).
  • Personalized digital signage based on the demography of waiting customers.
  • Appropriate cross selling, utilizing the customer's profile.
  • Central management of the system and branches from the head office.
  • Different kiosk models for different needs (e.g. anti-bacterial kiosk touchscreen for healthcare and public sector, small kiosks for branches with limited space).



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